Auction Overview in 90 secs


Key rental terms for each car auction are standardized. This places all available cars, regardless of fleet provider, on a level playing field and more easily compared on price.

To address fleet service and quality, we work only with trusted fleets with a track record in Singapore. Currently, we only assign cars from the country’s 3 largest fleets: GrabRentalsLion City Rentals and Lumens.

Auction winners only learn of their fleet assignment immediately after making their reservation fee payment. We believe Standard Bazahh Terms and transparency saves us all (including fleets) significant time and money in the longer term. Auctions happen weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm and stop when the last cars are sold.

Take back your time spent researching and calculating promotions from different fleets.”



Auction Guide (Non Video)


Step by Step Guide



Are you eligible?
Can you pick up the car in 14 days? If not, sign-up for our newsletter and visit us closer to your contract expiry. Auctions happen weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm.


Choose which car (auctions) to join
You may participate in as many as you want. If you win more than one car (auction), you can pick the one you prefer.


Submit your bid at your desired price
Important: Your submission timeslot will indicate your bid price.

Bid adjustment or withdrawal is not allowed. Since this is a new concept, we will aim to be flexible with honest bidding errors. E-mail or Whatsapp us for assistance.

Don’t worry about overbiddingall winners pay the same price as the last winning bidder.


Confirm your car and auction win
Bazahh will contact you if you’ve won. This will happen even while the auction is still live.

Fleet assignment is only disclosed to winners after a reservation fee of $150 is collected. This fee will count toward your total deposit to the fleet. We make money from the fleet not you.


Arrange collection date with fleet
Car to be picked up within 14 days of auction end date.


Collect your car
Make remaining deposit ($350 for used and $650 for brand new cars) and sign the fleet’s rental agreement. That’s it!