Rental rates after contract completion is something to be negotiated between your assigned fleet and you. If you don’t find their prices reasonable, you can always come back to Bazahh to find new contracts.

Yes. Each of our partner fleets offer optional CDW to further lower the insurance excess in case of accidents. Prices, across all our fleet partners, are $5.35 per day (or lower*). Excess is reduced to $963 each (or lower*) for Own Fault & 3rd Party damages

*Some details below

  • Grab Rentals: $5.35 / day and excess reduced to $963 each
  • Lumens: $5.35 / day and excess reduced to $963 each (This is a special Bazahh negotiated rate with Lumens)
  • Lion City Rentals: $4.28 / day and excess reduced to $535 each
  • Allswell: $5.35 / day and excess reduced to $535 each

Our standard rental contract period is 10 or 13 weeks.

Yes, we plan to slowly expand our contract lengths over time. In the meantime, we are focused on improving our operations so that means fewer choices for now.

  • We’ve standardized what we consider are key contract terms. We believe other terms are less material for responsible hirers and likely a distraction for your decision making (e.g. car repossession, late with rental payments, fees for not paying traffic violations)
  • In general, the following is common across all our partner fleets
    • Free regular car maintenance
      • No out of pocket spend for maintenance or wear and tear parts
    • Flexibility to drive into Malaysia
      • At a minimum, all fleets allow travel up to Johor
    • 24 hour breakdown service
  • Our standard terms is unbundled so the contracts do not include loyalty benefits (e.g. LCR Cares, GRBeyond) or the obligation to sign up for CDW
  • Regardless, each fleet’s vehicle rental agreement with detailed terms will be shared with auction winners before you sign your contract

No. Contracts will be specifically made out only to you.


We do not believe this is a critical decision criteria and have not included it as part of our standard partner fleet terms. However, you may share your preference directly with the fleet when confirming your car collection date. Fees may apply.

No, all our partner fleets are audited for quality and are committed to the same standard terms.

GrabRentals, Lion City Rentals, Lumens and Allswell are our partner fleets.

They own the vehicles, not Bazahh. We help to connect hirers to the best prices available from only trusted fleets in Singapore.

We will be adding fleets in the coming quarters.


Bazahh will contact you to confirm, collect reservation fee, share and connect you with the assigned fleet. The fleet has the right to accept or reject you based on your eligibility (valid PDVL etc). If accepted, the fleet will contact you to discuss car collection dates.

Once you have confirmed and added the choice of your car into your cart, you can go through the checkout process to place your Reservation Fee

To continue this digital trend toward cashless, we only accept PayNow. We don't accept cards since it costs us money and we want to keep prices as low as possible.  

You may make your reservation fee payments to UEN 202017630G (Bazahh Pte. Ltd.)

In general, no. Reservation fees are a confirmation of your commitment to booking the car.

Of course, if for some reason your assigned fleet does not provide an acceptable car during collection day, the reservation fee will be refunded.