Bazahh Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your participation in Bazahh’s Hirer Referral Program (“BHRP”) by Bazahh Pte Ltd (“Bazahh”). Bazahh administers the BHRP and uses ReferralCandy as its technology partner.

The participants referenced below are you (a Referrer), and the person you’ve referred (a Referred Hirer). To be eligible for a Referral Fee, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions described below.


Referrer: someone who signed up to help us with marketing via ReferralCandy

Referred Hirer: someone who has uses a personalized referral link (from their Referrer) to complete their reservation on  

Referral Fee: a reward that is due to the Referrer for each successful Referred Hirer

Earning the Referral Fee

The Referral Fee will only be given while the BHRP remains active. Referral Fees will be due to the Referrer only if the Referred Hirer meets ALL of the following conditions:

  • Uses your unique Referral Link to sign a car contract via with Bazahh
  • Signs and completes the contract with our fleet partner
  • Is their 1st contract via Bazahh

Obligations of the Referrer:

The Referrer shall not actively market Bazahh’s services. For the purposes of this section, here are some examples of what constitutes actively market, please note that this list is not exhaustive:

The Referrer advertises via marketing means such as direct mailing, printing and giving out of flyers, unsolicited emails, SMS, cold calls, advertisements in local newspapers, broadcasting or other ‘push’ technology over the internet;

There is an attempt by the Referrer to induce a Referred Hirer through the various channels to use Bazahh’s services, that is, any decision to use Bazahh’s services should be as a result of the Referred Hirer’s conscious choice and not due to the influence by the Referrer’s message;

The Referrer attempts to refer a Referred Hirer that he or she does not know.

The Referrer shall not arrange for the Referred Hirer to meet with Bazahh, provide any assistance with the registration process or assist with transmitting information between the Referred Hirer and Bazahh.

The Referrer shall only provide the Referred Hirer with factual information about Bazahh such as the services it provides and Bazahh’s website.

The Referrer shall only share his or her unique Referral Link ID with people he or she may know.


The Referrer agrees to comply with all applicable commercial and public anti-bribery laws;

The Referrer agrees not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent or invasive or that may be considered spamming;

The Referrer is responsible for all applicable taxes and fees resulting from any Referral Fees received. By participating in the Program, you release Bazahh and their agents from all liability, including, without limitation, with respect to the Referral Fees.

The BHRP is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion which is run by or in partnership with Bazahh.


If any provision in these terms are held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

Termination and Changes

Bazahh may suspend or terminate the BHRP or an Referrer's ability to participate in the BHRP at any time for any reason;

We reserve the right to suspend accounts if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the Bazahh Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

Updates to the Terms

We can update these terms, including modifying the Referral Fee and eligibility requirements, at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on our website, which are effective upon posting. Continued participation in the BHRP after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.